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Cuyler was born in Smiths Falls, Ontario (inexplicably, there's still no statue of him there). Later, having moved to the Ottawa area, he began a cartoon called Ollie the Alligator in a weekly local paper when he was 10 years old. It lasted a few months, because, hey, 10-year olds and their attention spans. Anyway, at 17 he began a brand-new comic strip all about high school life, this time in the daily Ottawa CitizenFurtree High ran for over 6 years. During the early success of Furtree High, Cuyler was offered a job by Nickelodeon as a writer. Having never heard of Nickelodeon, he turned it down. What a doofus.

After completing a B.A in English Literature and a B. Ed at Queen's University, Cuyler spent the next few years teaching, doing part-time youth ministry, and creating yet another comic strip, called The Swan Factory, about a fitness club. It was syndicated and published in a dozen newspapers around North America for a couple of years. No one remembers it. Except maybe Cuyler’s mom, because moms remember stuff like that.

Having moved to Connecticut to take a full-time youth ministry position, Cuyler eventually started up his fourth cartoon. Often called "The Far Side meets the Bible" (but not by lawyers for The Far Side), Inherit the Mirth was launched as an antidote to tame Christian humor. Off-the-wall but not cynical, it found a niche and has been sold in Walmart, Target, Hallmark, and Christian retail, as greeting cards, books, calendars, t-shirts, and more. 

Continuing to do freelance cartooning for Papyrus Recycled Greetings and other platforms, Cuyler is currently a pastor in New Jersey at one of America's fastest-growing churches, Liquid Church. His wife and son don't think he's anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is.